ID-10073678Omega Data LLC is a privately held technology corporation located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. At Omega Data we address the questions your team asks every day. What if I could share this data with my coworkers? What if I could calculate how this information relates? What if I could show my customer a draft within seconds? What if I could deliver this in a click of a button? What if I could automate that process? We work with our clients as members of their team: a collaborative partnership and answer the hard questions and deliver high quality service and products.

What separates us from everyone else?

build-measure-learnWe believe it is all the things that we want Omega Data LLC to stand for: integrity, passion, honor, care, and the commitment to just do the right thing even if it is difficult. Paul has taken his military and corporate experiences and combined them to create a unique leadership style to accomplish any mission. For all our projects we utilize the methodology of “Build, Measure, and Learn” to create a Minimum Viable Product. This methodology will not only increase the speed of delivery but also increase the quality of the product and enhancements that you might not even have thought of. We believe with the vast experience and culture that Omega Data has, we can create a partnership with you to not only meet your goals but to exceed them.

“At Omega Data, we work with our clients as members of their team: a collaborative partnership.”

We feel our leadership and expertise should be both easily accessible and serve as an integral part of our delivery model. Combining decades of experience in data management, business intelligence, and systems engineering – the executive team’s experience spans fast-growing start-ups to large, global, organizations. We believe that collaboration results in improved delivery, lower cost, better knowledge transfer, and more sustainable results.

Omega Data offers several products and services to help businesses with their information technology needs. The Omega-I software package improves your company’s ability to collaborate, analyze, and share data in a secure way. As always, our qualified professionals are ready to accomplish your company’s technical obstacles – whether they be big data, software, or hardware related.