Omega-I Software Package

Meet Bob. Bob is a mid-level manager in a large company. Bob is using a spreadsheet with nine tabs, four pivot tables, and three separate v-lookups. Bob doesn’t know it yet, but his spreadsheet has become corrupted and is storing multiple .tmp versions of itself. Bob’s spreadsheet is about to fail. Bob’s boss will not be amused when Bob completely misses month-end and blows his deadline. Don’t be Bob. Get Omega-I and protect your important data.

We have seen so many businesses try to utilize spreadsheets as data storage and collaborate on that information by passing the file from employee to employee. It just does not work. We have seen project managers try to look at project templates to try and figure out why projects are running behind on their schedules. So many columns and rows – but just do not know what information to look at. This is why we created the Omega-I application – to assist your company in maintaining your data, making your data easier to share, and giving you the ability to really look at your data. Just take a moment and think: do you want that feeling of security?

Omega-I is able to take a process that could take weeks and reduce it down to a mere 5 to 10 minutes. Omega-I is simple but powerful – and within minutes you will be able to share your data with anyone else in your company. Omega-I gives you the ability to work more collaborative and more securely with your information.

Benefits: Multi-user access, Data integrity and validation: data is protected against inadvertent corruption.